Contribution Guidelines

As all source{d} projects, this project follows the source{d} Contributing Guidelines.

Additional Contribution Guidelines

In addition to the source{d} Contributing Guidelines, this project follows the following guidelines.


This project lists the important changes between releases in the file.

If you open a PR, you should also add a brief summary in the mentioning the new feature, change or bugfix that you proposed.

How To Restore Dashboards and Charts to Defaults

The official way to restore source{d} CE to its initial state, is to remove the running components with sourced prune --all, and then init again with sourced init.

In some circumstances you need to restore only the state modified from the UI (charts, dashboards, saved queries, users, roles, etcetera), using the default ones for the version of source{d} CE that you're currently using, and preserve the repositories and metadata fetched from GitHub organizations.

To do so, you only need to delete the docker volume containing the PostgreSQL database, and restart source{d} CE. It can be done following these steps if you already have Docker Compose installed:

$ cd ~/.sourced/workdirs/__active__
$ source .env
$ docker-compose stop postgres
$ docker-compose rm -f postgres
$ ENV_PREFIX=`awk '{print tolower($0)}' <<< ${COMPOSE_PROJECT_NAME}`
$ docker volume rm ${ENV_PREFIX}_postgres
$ docker-compose up -d postgres
$ docker-compose exec -u superset sourced-ui bash -c 'sleep 10s && python'