Install source{d} CE

Download the latest release for your Linux, macOS (Darwin) or Windows.

On Linux or macOS

Extract sourced binary from the release you downloaded, and move it into your bin folder to make it executable from any directory:

$ tar -xvf path/to/sourced-ce_REPLACE-VERSION_REPLACE-OS_amd64.tar.gz
$ sudo mv path/to/sourced-ce_REPLACE-OS_amd64/sourced /usr/local/bin/

On Windows

Please note that from now on we assume that the commands are executed in powershell and not in cmd.

Create a directory for sourced.exe and add it to your $PATH, running these commands in a powershell as administrator:

mkdir 'C:\Program Files\sourced'
# Add the directory to the `%path%` to make it available from anywhere
setx /M PATH "$($env:path);C:\Program Files\sourced"
# Now open a new powershell to apply the changes

Extract the sourced.exe executable from the release you downloaded, and copy it into the directory you created in the previous step:

mv \path\to\sourced-ce_windows_amd64\sourced.exe 'C:\Program Files\sourced'